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Weddings are beautiful, but marriages between two people who’d take every opportunity they get to do whatever is necessary to be express their love are immaculate. 

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“What good are my eyes if it cannot see the truth. What good are my ears if it can’t catch their lies. What good are my lips if it cannot say what I need it to say.”

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“One day, you’ll feel empty while pursuing your goals or your dreams. On those days, just remember the warmth of the people who encouraged you and believed in you. Surely, you’ll be able to keep pushing forward no matter what.”

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“The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding.”

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deep conversations with open minded people are my most favorite things ever

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Decided to be a badass motherfucker and do yoga in stilettos to wake up a little bit before going out!

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Why the fuck do guys two time it? It’s fucking humiliating to the girl who finds out she is being two timed. Yes, I know girls do it too, I’m not excluding them either. I mean, when you’re being treated with respect, show the same decency back people. Please. This is why chivalry is dead, trying to increase your chances of whatever it is you’re looking for, fucks it up for everyone else who is a decent person just trying to find someone.

End rant. Sorry.


female character meme→ A lead female character

"I always knew Francis had a past. Men are allowed to have them, whereas we have our reputation ruined. Hardly seems fair.”  Mary Stuart

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I haven’t done any of the things I wanted to do by the time I was 31! I haven’t met any Portuguese people! I haven’t had the perfect kiss!

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